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rock shop (rock music)


Multiple live performance opportunities are available including BATTLE OF THE BANDS with other reputable camp Rock Music Programs in the area. All bands rehearse in climate controlled Rock Studios, which are fully equipped and ready to just plug in to. Studio 1 features a full stage setup ready for in-studio concerts complete with bleacher seating.

Campers have the opportunity to play live in various venues around camp which include half time at tournament games, evening activities, talent shows, canteen and special events. Form a band and experience the concert environment - jam with friends who have the same musical interests and who are at the same skill level. Play covers or write and perform original pieces. For campers who just want to learn an instrument or improve and practice their instrument, lessons are available daily.

FACT. French Woods started the original ROCK MUSIC PROGRAM in American summer camps. Maroon 5, and many other famous groups and artists started here. Our program is often imitated but never replicated.


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