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Explore and advance your skills in the fascinating field of communications. Staying connected is an important aspect of world culture today and our campers learn and apply techniques to connect and communicate with their peers, their community, and the world.
Learn to communicate visually and take advantage of classes in graphic design, digital photography, and classic black and white photography in a professional dark room. Or harness the power of words in print and broadcast journalism including radio broadcasting and sports/news casting.

Music and Video top our communications program as the most popular activities. Learn the process of music video production, film making, and television/radio commercial production. Become a radio DJ personality, make beats in the music production studio, or create a mix in the recording studio as an aspiring club DJ.

Our very own Radio Station, transmits in camp and to home via the internet. Each session we publish a camp magazine which is a group effort of many classes combined. In addition music videos, daily shows, and ongoing projects are presented every day at meals to the whole camp.



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